Management Contact

On-Site Office
Located at the Ira A. Fulton Aquatic Center in the Ironwood Room
41680 N. Barnes Parkway, Queen Creek, AZ 85140 
(480) 908-7557
On-Site Office Hours
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Please note, on-site office hours can fluctuate throughout the month due to reservations, clubs or meetings in the Ironwood Room.
Jatana Wylie, Community Manager
In my role, I am responsible for efficiently supervising vendors, handling invoice processing, managing staff, and addressing any concerns brought forward by the owners. Moreover, I provide educational support to homeowners and the Board, solicit bids for services, and ensure timely resolution of any common area issues. I also review financials and budgets, actively participate in meetings, and actively pursue further education to stay up-to-date with industry developments. My ongoing dedication to enhancing the community motivates me to thoroughly review documents and identify sections of those documents that may need further clarification from a resident's perspective. My door is always open to assist in any way I can.
Amanda Ladd, Lifestyle Director
I'm responsible for organizing and coordinating various events, programs, and classes that create a robust Lifestyle program. I collaborate with vendors, sponsors, and instructors to ensure well-rounded offerings. A significant aspect of my responsibilities includes effective communication as I oversee the website, social media platforms, meeting presentations, and all electronic newsletters. I handle all facility rentals, assist with the pool monitors, and support the rest of the Management Team and Board of Directors as needed. I want to create an engaging, vibrant, and enriching community that residents can truly call home.
Rod Leasure, Covenants Coordinator
As the Covenants Coordinator for the community, I play a vital role in ensuring the adherence to rules and regulations outlined in the CC&R's, and Guidelines within the Association. I work closely with the Design Review Committee ensuring that all required documentation is complete and accurate before presenting submissions to the DRC. I also conduct monthly inspections of the community amenities to address any maintenance issues.
Rosalie Lamentola-Ayala, Administrative Coordinator 
In my position, I handle resident inquiries through phone, email, and in-person interactions, offering assistance with homeowner account information and addressing concerns promptly. I maintain records, resident's files, manage mail and the drop box, coordinate supply purchases, and work orders. I work closely with HomeWise Docs to ensure a smooth home selling/purchasing transition. I provide support to other members of the Management team, and the Board of Directors to contribute to the overall functionality and harmony of the community.
Billing & Payment Questions
On-site office (480) 908-7557 or visit our website.
CCMC After Hour & Weekend Emergencies
1 (800) 274-3165
Your community is professionally managed by CCMC. CCMC is proud to provide management services to the Ironwood Crossing Community Association. The on-site office is located at the Ira A. Fulton Aquatic Center and additional community operations are supported by CCMC team members based at the Scottsdale corporate office.