Review Process

Ironwood Crossing's community design guidelines are unique to our community. The guidelines allow for creativity and diversity while maintaining a balance with the natural desert landscape. The guidelines provide an overall framework for harmonious design and criteria for size, style, materials, and color.
Most visible changes to your home require advance approval by the Design Review Committee. Visible is defined as "seen from the street, neighboring property or through an open view fence." The Design Review Committee uses our approved, published Design Guidelines to make sure changes are compliant. 
The process is easy, and our community manager is happy to assist you with making sure your application is complete. 

Design Review Submittal Process

The completed Request Form, along with all required attachments should be submitted together. All submittals must include a current, color photo of the area to be renovated and any additional applicable information (i.e. sketch, photograph, sales brochure). Please note approval process can take up to 45 days. 
All work must be completed within 90 days of approval unless an extension is requested in writing and approved by the Design Review Committee.
If your project requires the Town of Queen Creek or Pinal County permits/approvals, they must be obtained before you start the project.

House Painting Process

In order to maintain a fresh look in the community, your house needs to be painted every seven years. 

If you are painting your home the same as the existing color, please note that in the scheme selection section. 

If you are choosing a new color for your home is simple following the steps below:

STEP 1: Locate your home address by clicking on the link below. Make note of what series your home is in and what elevation you have.


STEP 2: Choose one of the four paint schemes available for your Series and Elevation by clicking on the appropriate link. Please note, the color schemes may not be combined. Only the colors within one scheme may be used. 
STEP 3: Fill out the form and hit submit. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for approval. A formal letter for your files will be emailed to you.