Reserve the Ironwood Room

The Ironwood Room is a multi-purpose room located off the Ira A. Fulton Aquatic Center that holds a maximum of 48 residents. You can check the availability of the room by selecting the Ironwood Room drop down below. To rent the room, you must be in good standing with your assessment fees. All reservations must be made through the Association Office on a first-come, first-serve basis and not more than 120 days in advance. 
To reserve the Ironwood Room please select the room in the drop down below, choose a date and time to submit your reservation request details and provide your rental and deposit checks. 
Rental Cost $50 for a six-hour time block plus a $75 refundable security deposit.
Amenities There are 10 (3X6) plastic tables and 48 chairs for your use. There is also a sink, microwave, refrigerator and freezer. 
Questions Please contact us with any questions 480-673-5298 or
For more information, availability and photos, please select the Ironwood Room from the drop down below;