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Landscape Inspection for Deposit 
Please fill out the below information when your front yard landscape has been installed and it is ready for inspection. Once we have inspected your yard and it is approved we will submit a request to have your landscape deposit check mailed to you. Please note that the process can take up to 30 days. 
By submitting this form I/We certify the following:
I understand and agree that as owner, I must apply in writing, through submittal of this Request for Final Inspection and Payment of Deposit Form to request final inspection of my lot and improvements.  Compliance with the CC&Rs and Architectural and Landscaping Guidelines is required.  Failure to request a final inspection through submittal of the proper form within 150 days of the association’s approval of my plans shall be deemed untimely and I acknowledge and agree the entire deposit shall be forfeited to the Association.  It is understood that a minimum of thirty (30) days is required for payment consideration and processing of same.
I have completed my landscape installation as per the approved plans submitted to the Association and therefore am requesting a final inspection of my lot and improvements for compliance with the CC&Rs and the Architectural and Landscaping Guidelines. 
Landscape Deposit Inspection
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