• How do I receive a key to the aquatic centers?
    We have pool keys available onsite at the onsite Association Office. Each home receives two keys free of charge. We just have a quick form for you to fill out and your keys will begin working within 24 hours! If you need to make other arrangements for your keys, please let us know!
  • Where is the onsite Association office located?
    We office out of the Ironwood Room at the Ira A. Fulton Aquatic Center . Generally, we are at the onsite office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Our hours may vary due to events and programming in the Ironwood Room. The hours for the week are always posted on the door, in our e-blasts and on our Facebook page.
  • When will I receive a bill for my assessments?
    When you closed on your home, the title company collected the prorated balance of assessments for the month in which you closed. They collected two additional months, as well. You will receive a statement about two weeks before your first payment is due.
  • How do I pay my monthly assessments?
    There are several ways to make your monthly assessments. Please review the options and choose the one that makes the most sense for you and your family. 
  • If I want to make modifications to my home or yard, how do I know if it needs approval?
    At closing, you received an electronic copy of the Landscape Guidelines and the Design Guidelines. These easy to read documents will let you know what criteria certain items must meet and whether they need approval. You will need to submit the form in order for approval. 
  • How long does the Design Review Approval Process take?
    Our documents allow for 45 days for the approval process to be completed. Our goal is to have a response to you in two weeks. Actual response time depends on projects, workload and number of submittals. Please make sure you plan well in advance of your project so that you can receive the approval before beginning your project .
  • How can I get the community e-blast?
    We have a management e-blast and a lifestyle e-blast. If you provided an email address with your information sheet at closing, we will automatically input your email. If you do not start receiving the e-blasts in a few weeks. Please email Chrystal Sawyer & she will add you to the list.
  • What do I do if I don’ t have a mailbox key?
    All mailbox kiosks are owned and maintained by the Postal Service. If you need a new key, we do have a vendor that can change the lock for you in accordance this the  Postal Service & provide you a new key. Please contact Express Lock and Key at 480-440-4424. If you do not know which mailbox is yours, The Queen Creek Post Office  can provide you with the number of your mailbox. You can reach them at 480-888-2214.
  • What do I do if I have an issue with my house and need a repair or warranty work done?
    Please call Fulton Homes directly at 480-753-6789. The association and Fulton Homes are two separate entities. Unfortunately, we don’t have info on materials used in your home or contractors that did the work. Similarly, we can’t arrange for repairs to be made.
  • Who do I contact to set up trash and sewer service?
    Please note that the Association only pays for these services. We don’t set-up service and you do not need to go through us to do so. You will need to contact Johnson  Utilities to establish sewer service. Your service is already hooked up but they will want your name and contact information in case they need to work with you on issues. They can be reached at 480-987-9870. You will need to contact Right Away Disposal at 480-983-9101 to have your trash bins delivered. If you already have trash bins you will not need to contact Right Away Disposal. Please note that trash and recycling are both picked up on Wednesdays.